Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where the Wild Things Aren't

Remember when I was crazy? Guess what my life caught up to me. Where the wild things are no longer. I've moved. I work 5 days a week at the store. I don't know what It means to have a weekend. And I can kiss that Summer Romance GOODBYE because its damn near SEPTEMBER!

The good news is I have lots coming. But I am watching The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers right now so I can't say to much. Here's a preview though:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



My cat is gone. Seriously gone. I had new windows installed today and now I am home and my cat is gone! ALONE OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN! I called my buidling matinetince guy 12 times before he picked up and I let him have it. How could you have let someone go in through my windows. How could you have no inform him I have a cat! How could this window installer not notice my cat, who likes to watch people whenever they come in my apartment, EXCAPE through the window!

My crazy mode is activated and its about to POP AWF! I called my building mangement and let them have it, just wait until they open at 7am. ITS ON! I asked them if I should take my cat out. I asked if I should move my furniture. No no no, you don't need to do anything they said! LIES i tell you LIES!

Now my wonderful loving sweet kitty is going to be destroyed by the outside world if she ever comes back to me! I can't breathe. I'm going to die or freak out. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SLEEP NOW!

Mimi, I am so sorry this happend to you. You are just so adventerous and daring. No one can contain you and I understand that now. But my darling Diamond Princess you need to come home now. Mama is getting very scared and if my cat is dead someone will DIE! and it could be me... or you... or a person on the street that bumps into me. Is this a bad time to call boys. because I don't know what to do with myself.

Come Home Mimssss

Sometimes I am a little crazy

So lots is going on I can't post it now. But I just wanted to share that sometimes when I feel the way i feel now. Which is that I have no direction in life, no boyfriend to fight with, and no money I listen to and sing loudly along with musicals.

I've listened to the Spring Awakening Soundtrack 22 times in the past 3 days. Seriously! And if you don't know about this shiz you need to jump on this dick because its effing amazing. It makes me remember that I am destined for greatness and that all the dudes who didn't want to put a ring on it can suck me because I'm GOING PLACES DAMNIT! Tell your friends.

This is My Junk. Thats the title. I think i'm gonna drive to this cute boys house right now and break into his room and wake him up by singing this to him. Maybe then he'll love me. Because my junk is him.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Being friends with a chick is like super way harder than having a boyfriend. I hate it. I don't know how to do this. I mean with boys its all so simple and easy. But with girls It's like I want to claw my eye's out while I cry and eat marshmallow fluff outta the jar. I mean why bitches gotta be bitches for realz?

I think I understand why when girls get boyfriends they just forget about their friends. Because it's so much easier. How do you balance friendships and relationships? Can people ever do this for real.

And I swear to god if you answer your phone and talk to him while we hang out I am going to jump off the roof.

Monday, April 26, 2010


WTF! For ReAL! So pissed right now because of this shit! I swear! I'm sick of this shit! I know your an effing international superstar or whatever, but kissing other bitches is NOT COOL! I counted a total of 5 kisses! forehead, NECK, forehead, cheek, cheek, and MOUTH! Are you SERIOUS! Guess what mother effer I already bought my plane ticket and I'm due to arrive at your hotel at 1:23am tonight. we need to talk!

And why aren't you answering your phone, i've called you like 48 times. no response? seriously! If that hoe is in your room, or any hoe for that matter, im gonna flip my shit!

Sunday, April 25, 2010



You could at least say that it makes my butt look small.

But really, Pimples and Mirrors go together like Candy and Candy Coating. I felt this thing coming last night, you want to know how long I stood up in my bathroom looking in the mirror last night, 2 hours! This morning 30mins. And in the 1 hour i have been home tonight, another 30 mins. I was just looking at this thing in the mirror for hours! I'm not much of a mirror girl, I don't spend hours just looking at myself in the mirror. Granted I will stop and look if I happen to pass by one, but I am not going to just stand there and look at myself when I could be sitting on my butt watching TV and eating cheezits. But no, when pimples happen (not very often granted) I am a Mirror Girl! It's killing me, Toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide, ice, and a hot towel have done very little to cure this slight problem. I don't know what to do! And to make matters worst!. . . . . .

I don't know what I was going to say, because I learned an interesting fact last night that I just remembered! HYDROGEN PEROXIDE will bleach your hair and it will turn a cool orange color. Now I am thinking about doing this, maybe to a couple of select pieces around my face, how cool would that be! I had this great idea while standing in the bathroom last night for 2 hours!

I just need to buy more makeup and it will all get better! and some new pants. Also curtains. and I'm thinking about getting my eyelashes done again this summer.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is what will happen if you dump me

Marissa Cooper made a new movie! And if I know anything, its that Marissa Cooper is the defintion of crazy girlfriend and therefore one of my idols. And guess what's playing in this movie. Yep! A Crazy EX-Girlfriend!